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Blockchain technology will thrive only where companies cultivate a strong regulatory backbone. We founded Ketsal to help compliance-focused entities build durable projects from scratch. Our advice is practical. Our approach, efficient. We consider your issues from all angles.


  • Legal Project Management

    Lawyers may struggle understanding applied cryptography. Technologists may struggle with finer points of law. We bridge the gap between legal specialists and technology professionals and, in doing so, save you time, effort, and worry.

  • Money Transmitter Registration and Licensing

    Nationwide licensing provides a true competitive advantage. Our compliance specialists coordinate your registration and licensing applications under federal and state money transmitter laws. Where necessary, we partner with knowledgeable lawyers to provide legal services associated with the filing process.

  • Innovative Digital Asset Launch Strategies

    The shifting regulatory landscape prevents any one digital asset strategy from reigning supreme. We apply our understanding of the global regulatory regime and current market standards to provide options for how to execute an effective digital asset distribution. To the extent you need lawyers to execute your vision, we tap into our extensive network of legal service providers.

  • Where Crypto Meets Crowdfunding

    The need for a healthy market for capital formation is a perpetually current issue. These days, there’s nothing more current in capital formation than the space occupied where crypto and crowdfunding collide. We have a deep appreciation for, and understanding of, both. Our professionals have counseled governments, lawmakers, regulators, companies, intermediaries, professionals, and investors on just about all things crypto and crowdfunding.

  • Broker-Dealer, Exchange, and ATS Registration

    Becoming a securities professional is a major undertaking. We walk you through the filing process for registration as a broker-dealer, exchange, or alternative trading system (ATS). Our partnerships with experienced legal counsel and licensed compliance management specialists let us provide turnkey services that get you operational fast.

  • Global Regulation

    Regulators around the world have been developing new laws specific to blockchain technology. We can coordinate efforts among policymakers, technology providers, local counsel, and thought leaders to draft jurisdiction specific statutes and regulations tailored to meet local needs.

  • Education

    The blockchain industry will only benefit from well-educated legal professionals. We provide in-person training to educate the next generation of lawyers on the unique pressure points of blockchain technology and regulation.

  • Thought Leadership

    In crypto, there’s no shortage of questions and no one person has all of the answers. Ketsal puts forward challenging articles on thought leadership in order to spark discussion among market participants on a range of issues.

  • A Network of Professionals and Law Firm Referrals

    It is often difficult to find a good lawyer who understands blockchain technology. We partner with a range of legal service providers, including our associated law firm, Blakemore Fallon, that are experienced in the space and sensitive to industry concerns. Our curated network consists of global, intelligent, tech-savvy professionals.