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“I want New York to win” — Assemblyman Clyde Vanel

Jenny Leung

Clyde Vanel speaking to a room of people.

On May 14, 2019, we had the honor to host New York State Assemblyman Clyde Vanel and State Senator James Sanders Jr. during Blockchain Week in New York City.

Sanders spoke about Vanel’s role as an advocate for the blockchain industry and an educator to elected officials in Albany, stating, “Here is our translator . . . he has our confidence.” Sanders encouraged developers, exchanges, and funds to engage with elected officials, urging them to “speak up and speak quickly” as state government debates and negotiates new or revised laws.

Our partner Laurie Rosini introduced Vanel by stating he was “furthering the interests of a global industry in the financial center of the world.”

Vanel acknowledged the blockchain industry has “more good actors than bad.” He considered a primary challenge for regulators: “How do we harness this in America? . . . I want New York to win. I want to do what it takes, and what’s legal, to make that happen.”